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I am Margaret, and I am a Clairvoyant for Psychic, Medium and Tarot readings. One of the gifts that I have been blessed with is Clairvoyance – the ability to “see clearly” through the third eye of intuition appearing to me in the form of pictures and symbols, and I use this gift and others within my readings.

I have been reading Tarot cards, Oracle cards and rune stones for over 30 years in both the UK and Australia, and I am based in Melbourne. I love what I do, and take great pride in the knowledge that over many years my gifts through my spiritual guides have helped countless people in their own spiritual understanding, life challenges and psychic insight – giving them soul direction.

I also practice numerology, and in more recent years, mediumship as well. I offer spiritual counselling, clairvoyant readings and readings face to face, and also via phone or Skype sessions. Throughout the year, I often also offer Tarot card reading classes and other intuitive workshops.

I am a psychic medium offering Tarot card, Oracle card and mediumship readings 


Clairsentience refers to psychics’ ability to empathise with the feelings of others, without relying on any of our five senses. It relies on a certain level of feeling; one that does not rely on what is directly in front of us, but that draws on the inner feeling.

This is the gift that I most probably use more than any. This gift allows me to feel from the energy of others, whether through cards when I read from them, or just sitting opposite them, this gift allows me to tune in to their emotional being at the time, or their physical being. I might know they are suffering from a pain in part of their body, because for a brief moment I too feel that pain. If they are depressed or tired, I too will for a brief moment feel their energy.


Ever just known something is not right? Something you have been told, or witnessed, and it just doesn’t seem right?

That is claircognizence. The gut feeling we’ve all experienced. That knowing without proof or confirmation. We all have it, most of us use it at times – and at times it can pull us away from a bad situation. It might not even make sense at the time, but it will!

Over the years I have learned how to recognise without doubt the intuition of my claircognizence, and allowed it to act as a valuable tool that helps when I read for others.


As a medium, I have developed my gift of clairaudience. Quite literally, clairaudience refers to ‘clear hearing’ – but it also refers to something more than this. Clairaudience primarily relates to intuition and hearing that is not just in our ears.

Part of this comes in a manner that I hear a name, or a message. I don’t hear it in the physical sense of hearing, but in the inner mind.

By that I mean that from nowhere a name or message will come into my mind, in a manner that over the years I’ve learnt to recognise as being from my guides, and not subconscious thought.

Find out more about my mediumship readings, tarot readings or numerology readings today.

For any additional information about my tarot reading, please call me on 0426 767 685.

Feel free to visit my Facebook page and ‘Like’ to stay on top of the latest news here at Soul Direction. If you have any questions about my services, please call me directly on 0426 767 685.


Personal Readings

Personal Readings are done face to face where you come to me. With the help of either Tarot cards or Oracle cards I will read for you, while you determine which cards are used. These readings also include a small numerology reading which helps in determining personality traits which often cause us to continually make the same mistakes in life. Once these are recognised, they can help us in making relevant changes in our lives. There is also a small rune reading at the end of the card reading.

Issues of importance are often recognised within the card reading, and reinforced by the rune reading. Often through my readings, messages from spirit will come through, and be passed on by me to you.

Time Approx. 1hr
Appointment only
Payment types accepted: Cash, PayPal, Direct Deposit

Phone Readings

Phone readings are based on mainly card and mediumship, relying more on my clairsentience and clairaudience. I do use either Tarot or Oracle cards, but I will choose which to use based on my intuition as to which I feel will give the most information for you and the most accurate reading.

Also offered is a small amount of numerology based on questions that I will ask of you, such as date of birth and house number. This will be followed by a more thorough rune reading compared to my face-to-face readings.

Time Approx. 1 hr
Appointment only
Payment types accepted: PayPal, Direct Deposit

Skype Readings

Skype readings are given in almost the same way as phone readings. As with phone readings, skype sessions are based primarily on card and mediumship.
However, as I am able to see you, I will ask you to show me a copy of your handwriting, and as with face-to-face (personal) readings, I can incorporate more numerology than I am able to do with a phone reading. As with personal readings, Skype readings are followed by a short rune reading to conclude the session.

Time Approx. 1 hr
Appointment only
Payment types accepted: PayPal, Direct Deposit

Workshops & Courses

Throughout the year I hold short courses and workshops on:

  • Learning to understand Tarot
  • Introduction to recognising your Intuition
  • Numerology
  • Dream Interpretation

These courses are held throughout the year, and dates for upcoming events can be obtained through Facebook. Alternatively, you may contact me below for further information or upcoming dates.



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Geelong, Victoria, Australia

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